Monday, January 30

More Valentine's Day inspiration - more hearts!

Is anyone else having a warm winter week?! I am so excited! I keep thinking of all the money I'll save on my gas bill lol! More money for parties! WOOT!

If you haven't finished your Valentine plans, maybe one of these ideas will inspire you!

Dove hearts in the center of your favorite recipe - YUM! super sweet (and easy!) idea for any sweetie on your list! Source and recipe

Marbled red velvet cheesecake brownies - a mouthful of goodness! These are so beautiful by themselves, but add a lolli stick and paper to create arrows for an extra dab of Frosting! Source and recipe

Here's a fancy pants idea - bake a quick box mix of brownies or chocolate cake (shoot, make it yellow cake, add red food coloring!) then cool, cut out with heart cutter.  Melt some chocolates from the craft store, dip edges and then dip into crushed nuts! So cute no one will care you did a box mix ;o)   Source unknown :o(

Make a sweet breakfast to go box! Heart shaped muffins (I'm feeling another box mix, how about you guys?!), tea bags with cut out heart and some butter in a cute container - lovely! Source and recipe (heart shaped bakeware here)

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  1. Red velvet cheesecake brownie...for real? Those look UHmazing!


  2. I agree with Paula! 3 of my favorite things in one: red velvet + cheesecake + brownies = YUM!

  3. Love that breakfast to go box...super fun! Hey, in that little "About Me" photo down on the looks just like Cali from Grey's Anatomy and I think she's stunning so now I'm officially jealous of your talent, business mind and looks. Kill me now...


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