Wednesday, February 1

Party Appetizers - Add a toothpick!

I always preach, it's not really what you serve.... it's how you serve it! Every food looks better on a toothpick!!!

Prosciutto sandwiched between Grilled brussels sprouts! Hello? YUM! You might even get the kids (or my husband!) to eat them! Source and recipe

Can never go wrong with sausage! Stack sausage, herbs, cheese and olives - and make a secret plate for yourself ;o)  ok, confession, I totally do that with 7 layer dip ;o)  Source

I have seen a lot of grilled cheese and soup shooters... but this one is extra cute with the cubes of sandwich balancing with a toothpick! you could do pb&j for the kids over milk! Source and recipe

Don't just put fruit out for dipping! Cut off the tops of strawberries, add a piece of pineapple (or any fruit) and put the topper back on! and add a few pieces of cheese - very pretty! Source

Party add on! ...

Bamboo appetizer sticks! 100 for $3!

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