Sunday, February 19

Shopping Saturday...posted Sunday ;o)

Whew! Yesterday was a long day! You know the days where you just don't sit still?! They are threatening snow tonight here so we wanted to get done anything that we could think of today!

Here are some local finds (at National chains) that I found a long the way that might help you stash for your next event!

Love Kohl's book plushes! Grab these guys for your Rubber Ducky Baby Shower!

Found: Kohl's
Section: Registers
Price: $5

I so love Easter for party stashing! Grab these Easter eggs for favors at your Spiderman, Batman, SpongeBob, Elmo or Peanuts themed parties!

Found: Big Lots
Section: Easter
Price: $3

Super affordable favors for your Stars Wars party!

Found: Wal-Mart
Section: Easter
Price: $1

How cute are these guys?! Grab these Easter baskets to use at your Garden or Hungry Caterpillar parties for serving baskets!

Section: Easter
Price: $9.99

Peace parties are popping up everywhere - pick these lollipops up for favors or cupcake toppers!

Found: Wal-Mart
Section: Easter
Price: $1

Martha has a new line of these stencil kits and just the covers are inspiring! This Nautical themed one looks so cute on the serving pails and glasses in the pics, imagine what you could do with them!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Stencils
Price: $10.99

Super cute, colorful birdhouses would be adorable hanging with clothespins as garland, used as placecards or 4 of them as a base for a serving platter!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section:Front bins
Price: $1.50

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