Monday, February 20

Under the sea party ideas/inspiration

WOOT! We didn't get any snow last night!!! and bonus - still have the day off! extra WOOT!

Here are some ideas/inspiration for your under the sea bash! Peek here (link) for older, but still fresh!, Frosting for your party!

Super cute fishbowl invite! Swedish fish sew in fish bowl - open to eat and get the details! Sweet! Source

Set up a super cute photo op for the kids.  Painted drop cloth for the background, cardboard frame and fashion a scope out of a paper roll! Source

Set up your tables in 3D! This is such a great idea for any party! Source and tutorial

Perfect cupcake - blue frosting, skewers and some string make these a great catch! (sorry couldn't help the pun ;o)  Source and tutorial

Party add-on....

This adorable under the sea themed cupcake stand would be the perfect centerpiece to your dessert table! Buy here - link

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  1. how adorable are these?!! Now I wish I hadn't already done this theme!

  2. Replies
    1. Lisa, you're welcome! It was genius! Everyone is loving it! Don't know if you follow a fellow blogger friend, she posted it now too!

      hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!


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