Saturday, March 10

Shopping Saturday!

Confession! I have been SOOO lazy today! I have a huge list of things to do but only about 3 got done - but hello?! some days you just have to say OH WELL! ;o)  So I didn't get in as much shopping as I normally do... I did much more shopping online this week, so I'll share those things too!

Here are my local finds (at National Chains) (p.s. and a few internet shopping items this week) that might help you stash for your next event!

Large ceramic numbers for whatever age! Don't stop there... add some Frosting! Paint designs, wrap in yarn, glue gems or pompoms on!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Housewares
Price: $8.99 (coupon time!)

ok, super hard to tell what these are... they are plastic house shaped containers! Super perfect for a Housewarming favor!

Found: Michael's
Section: Register bins
Price: $1.50

HUGE cupcake shaped cupcake holder! Perfect serving platter (not just for cupcakes!) for a Cupcake theme! p.s. that is my husband graciously modeling it (he says he is the art director on Shopping Sat outings lol)

Found: Kitchen & Co.
Section: Containers
Price: $19.99

Spring also brings the best Bug, Butterfly and Garden parties! Target has a great collections of items to stash!

Found: Target
Section: $1 bins
Price: $1

Cute spring dress ornaments! I thought these would be cute for a Bridesmaid, Tea Party or Dress up Party! 

Found: Pier 1
Section: Seasonal
Price: $3.95

 How stinking cute are this little guys?! Perfect decorations for your Bumble Bee or Pooh Baby Shower or Garden party!

Found: Amazon
Section: Party
Price: $5.45 (here)

I am a total hoarder of baking books though I don't get to bake as often as I would like! I bought this one today and you have to look at the "click here" pictures! you'll fall in love!

Found: Amazon
Section: Baking
Price: $9.99 (here)

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