Thursday, March 8

Simple party desserts!

Did anyone else have an AMAZING weather day?!? WOOT SPRING!!! So I  admit that sometimes even I get intimidated by some of the desserts people whip up and I consider myself pretty adventurous in the kitchen! So here is a collection of desserts even the most novice can attempt!

Fluffer nutter bites! Mix a few ingredients (see source), wrap around marshmallow and roll in nuts! ta-da! YUMMY! Source and recipe

Use leftover brownies (even made from a box mix!)... roll into a ball, and roll into different toppings for Brownie Truffles!!! Source and tutorial

Buy pre-made brownie bites or make from box mix... melt chocolate wafers (from craft store) and dip just half in... if you want to get fancy, use a spoon or lolli stick and drizzle a contrasting chocolate to create stripes.  Source unknown :o(

Buy icecream sandwiches or even just cookies, use tissue paper, fabric, cupcake wrappers, insert a lolli stick, tie off with a bow! Everyone will look past the fact you didn't make the actual treat ;o)  ...if you insist on making from scratch... Source and recipe

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