Wednesday, April 4

Mary Poppins Party ideas/inspiration

First - have you peeped the e-mag?! Did you see my pie crust spoons?! They are YUMMY! Hop on over to the magazine to see a tutorial!  Click HERE

Now on to more party inspiration....Who doesn't love a classic?! Here is some Frosting ideas/inspiration for your Mary Poppins themed party!

Of course set up your stations with BIG umbrellas!  Source

You don't just have to go black... setup a pastel Mary Poppins Tea Party! Love the flower accents on the umbrellas! Source

Simple great idea for any party - print Mary Poppins silhouettes on brown paper bags! You can also create a stencil and paint (print image, trace on hard plastic, cut out with craft knife).  Source

Make cake balls on the end of spoons... because you have to have a spoon full of sugar at this party! Source

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  1. I LURRRRRRRVE the e-mag AND your spoons! They look great!

  2. Your spoons are awesome! love them.And how cute is the spoon full of sugar cakepops :)


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