Wednesday, April 11

Snow White party ideas/inspiration

Sorry I didn't post yesterday! Computer issues GRRR!!! Getting a quick post up before I head off to the market for cupcake ingredients! My team at work is going to enjoy lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd with a blackberry frosting and s'mores cupcakes on Friday! They better love me ;o)

Here is some Snow White party ideas/inspiration... don't forget about this (here) older, but still fresh!,Frosting for a Snow White party!

Super sweet dessert table! Love the silhouette of Snow White! Source

You could go completely over the top and turn your whole party into an enchanted forest! If you can't go that far... buy a few yards of inexpensive green fabric and go from there! Source

Make sure to have a basket full of iconic red bow headbands for all the girls to wear! Source

Serve up some filled pastry apples! (buy pie mold here) Source

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