Tuesday, April 24

Monopoly Game Night Party Ideas/Inspiration

Still digging my hole for that big 'ol tree! WHEW! Gonna finally plant in the morning! WOOT! I'll be glad to be lazy tomorrow night and catch up on fellow party blogs! 

Here is some inspiration to Frost your next Monopoly Game night!

How cute is this setup?! Letters from the craft store decorated that spell "PLAY", treasure chests and tons of game related snacks and wall art! Source

Setup fun place settings with "property" place mats, money napkin rings, etc.  Source

 ...make you own chance cards! How fun?! Source & download

Perfect ending to the night - money bags for everyone! Source

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  1. Those place settings are too awesome!

  2. CUTE! My brother and I use to play this game during rainy Oregon weekends.

  3. Do you have instructions for decorating the cake pops like that?! Thanks!

  4. It doesn't work!!! Is it because I'm like 5 years too late ?


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