Thursday, April 26

Bowling Party Ideas/Inspiration

Took a vaca day today (WOOT!) and spent it with my DH in Annapolis MD - such a beautiful city! LOTS of great shopping! Trying to plan my next baked good experiment for the weekend... any suggestions?!?

Meanwhile... here is some ideas/inspiration for a Bowling Party! I remember when we got special permission sometimes as a little girl to watch my dad bowl on his league - we always thought it was the coolest thing!

 Love the color combo of this setup! The sign itself is so fantastic! I could totally picture that on tee-shirts for the guests! Source

Take soda bottles, add straight and rik-rak ribbon and a sticker to create "bowling pin" bottles! A vintage colored paper straw adds the perfect touch! Source

Fun bowling themed cookies would be the perfect treat - for those just starting out decorating cookies, just try the pin an ball - not too much detail and simple shapes.  Source

Great favor idea...$1 store trophy, gum balls & a fun little note! Source

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