Monday, May 7

Ice Cream Social Party Ideas/Inspiration

Today's post is inspired by my fabulous cube neighbors at work that bring us in Indian icecream - my favorite is this one with nuts and raisins - how great of neighbors are they?! AND on Friday at our Kentucky Derby party they brought in a Mr. Softie (soft serve) icecream truck YUM!!! You KNOW I rocked the chocolate with chocolate sprinkles!

...So here are some ideas to Frost your Ice Cream Social! Don't forget older, but still fresh!, Frosting for an ice cream theme (here)

How fun is this colorful setup?! Shows how just a few simple elements can make a huge impact! Source

Add a vintage flair by displaying cones in glass jars! Source

Look at this counter detail! Definitely puts you in a ice cream shop mood! If you don't want to get into fabric, I bet it would look adorable even just in felt or craft paper cutouts! Source

These are SUCH clever cake pops!!! Cake pop on cut down ice cream cones! I so need to put these on a to do list! Source

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