Monday, May 14

Little Monkey Party or Shower ideas/inspiration

How many people (or know someone who) call their kids little monkeys?! A monkey themed party would be a great theme for any season and any gender!  Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a Monkey theme here (link)

You can go traditional yellows, greens and neutrals or add some pinks or blues if you want to make it more gender specific.  Use banana leaves, bark and other textural items to add depth and interest.  Source

Ok, have to look all the way to the left, but do you see the banana balloon?! Blow up long yellow balloons and make green "leaves" and create a whole string of them! Source and tutorial

 Definitely have to have lots of banana treats! How about these chocolate dipped bananas with peanut butter frosting!? YUM! Source and tutorial

Super cute favor would be a bag of banana candies with a monkey topper! Source and tutorial 

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