Thursday, May 10

Mother's Day ideas and inspiration!

How did this week go by so fast?! Mother's Day is just days away! Below are a few ideas that might help inspire you to Frost your Mother's Day (or give some hints to your hubby and kids ;o) Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for Mother's Day here (link)

 Do a Mother's Day tea party! Invite a couple mom's over, serve light finger foods, tea and sit back and share stories of motherhood! See more inspiration here (page 49-53)

For your tea could make my original design Tea Bag shortbread cookies! Free instructions and tag downloads here (page 55&56)

 Make a special treat for the Moms you know and serve up in a beautiful keepsake - like these ceramic rose candle holders from Michael's Crafts! See more inspiration here (page 49-53)
Mom always deserves breakfast in bed! (and yes, you should download for yourself - you've earned it!) Free download here (page 27-29)

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