Saturday, May 12

Shopping Saturday!

I hope you guys have had as beautiful day outside as we have! I was a bit lazy and snuggled up on the hammock for a lazy afternoon!

 ... I did manage to get some shopping in! Here are my local finds (at National chains) that might help you stash for your next event!

Love the colors of these butterflies napkin holders! Pick them up for your Butterfly or Garden themed party! Stack and glue together to create a whimsical backdrop! Cover styrofoam and insert to create a cake pop stand! Don't be afraid to add glitter or gems!

Found: Five and below
Section: Seasonal
Price: $1

These are so pretty! Pick them up for a Moroccan themed party! Fill them with homemade lipbalm for a great favor!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Bins
Price: $1

They really have come so far in packaged favors boxes! These birdhouses are adorable! Pick them up for your Baby Bird or Woodland themed parties!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Bridal
Price: $24.99 (use a coupon!)

Vintage is so in... Snag up this collection for your Vintage Carnival party!

Found: Michael's Crafts
Section: bins
Price: $1.50

Boys love aliens! Great these guys up for your Alien party!

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Toys
Price: $1

Having a Country, Western or Cowboy/girl theme? Grab these mini boots! Use as placecards or "legs" with a board on top to create unique serving platter.

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Ceramics
Price: $1

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