Sunday, June 10

Sunday Showcase! - Real Parties!

Sundays are now devoted to showcasing "real parties" - we all love drooling over the over-the-top professional parties that have products sponsored and professional photographers - but in the end, 95% of us aren't those people ;o)

 So each week, will dedicate the blog to showcasing parties that hopefully will put a smile on your face and help us all remember what is most important in a party is the love that went into it and the fun the guests had, right?!

 I think the best way to do it is pick the one that made me smile the most, fair I hope?!
TOP PICK: Mady's Fancy Nancy Party! 
submitted by: Melanna Heebner
see full party here: link

yes, she made those skirts!

Why my pick?  Mady has been dreaming about this party since Christmas! My kind of kid! AND Melanna tackled so many awesome homemade projects - hats off to homemade!!!

Invitations: Handmade and hand "Fancied"! Super cute purse invites really set the tone!

Decor: Super girly and fancy setup perfect for this tea party! Lots of feather boas, banners and pink, of course!

The Fun!: This party was jammed packed with fun! From story reading, to dressed up special guests, pinatas, jewelry box decorating, fun dress up/photo ops...

The Food:  This mamma really rocked it out! Crown sandwiches, fruit kabobs, shoe shaped cookies and yes, she made that cake!

Thanks everyone that sent in photos! If you would like to submit your party for consideration for next week's "Sunday Showcase" - email me photos and description to: kim.partyfrosting at

rules:  Homemade parties only! Lots of great party sites to highlight the professionals! (we heart them too!)

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