Tuesday, June 12

Zoo/Safari party theme

I took off yesterday to do a family day at the zoo! Philadelphia Zoo (1st zoo in America!) is only about an hour away so we headed up and spent the day there - it was a beautiful day and loads of fun!

 ...so in the honor of our family day... here's some inspiration for a zoo/safari themed party or better yet... a party at the zoo! And don't forget about this (link) older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a zoo theme.

Super cute zoo theme setup! Love the paper plate animals on the front! Source

Use stuffed animals and natural habitat items like grasses, sand, water, etc to set a fun an exciting table for the kids! Source

Use fun signs you would find at the zoo around the space like this one! Source

One of Douglas's fav exhibits was the snakes! Why not create these fun cardboard snakes and have the kids decorate as an art activity?! Source and tutorial

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