Wednesday, July 11

BBQ/Cookout party ideas and inspiration

This week is flying by quickly! I hope you all are being way more productive then I have been! I am planning my next get together and thought I would share some of my inspiration stash!

Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a BBQ here (link)

Send a fun apron invite complete with "spatula".  Source and tutorial

Use plants, fresh veggies and herbs to add lots of texture, color and smell! to your table top.  Source

Use your plant shepard's hook to hang a bucket full of bug spray and suntan lotion for your guests... a little ribbon and you have a helpful, festive station! Source

No doubt do you need to make sun tea for the guests! Make sure to add lace, burlap, ribbon or some adornment to Frost your mason jars.  Source

I have seen "Corn on the cob" cupcakes... but these cake "logs" are just too genius! Surprise your guests with cake and jelly belly (popcorn flavor) "corn on the cob" desserts! Source and tutorial

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