Monday, July 9

Strawberry Shortcake Party ideas and inspiration

This week is off to a crazy start, but at least our heat wave broke a little! Today's inspiration is for a Strawberry Shortcake party! These seem to be popping up a lot the past few weeks.

I had a Strawberry Shortcake bedroom when I was a little girl so this one definitely brings back memories!  You can peep the older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a strawberry themed party here (link) and incorporate some into this one!

How fun of sweetness is this setup?! I love the over indulgence of pattern and texture! Layers and layers of goodness - just like a strawberry shortcake! Source

Can't have a Strawberry Shortcake party without strawberry shortcake! I love how she served them up kabob style! Source

You know how I love an activity at a party! ... have the girls make strawberry jam! Source

For the dessert table... strawberry shaped cake pops! Source

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