Monday, August 6

BBQ - Mason Jars ideas

WOOHOO!!!! I HAVE A WORKING COMPUTER!!! Man, that was a couple hundred dollar dodged bullet! Sorry I have been so restricted in my posting!

Mason jars have always been a staple in my home for drinking juice and storing food in the fridge... but they have become so hot lately on the party scene! Here are a few ways to incorporate them into your next BBQ!

Pre-make drinks for your guests in mason jars - these Sangria single serves would please any guest! Source and recipe

Mason jars can be used in so many simple ways... use them to hold your utensils! Source

Salad on the go! Pre-make salads and serve them up in a mason jar so your guests and grab and much away! For an extra dab of Frosting, tie a fork with some twine around the lid! Source

Super fantastic idea (besides the great table cloth layering!) is hanging mason jars down the front of your table with fresh flowers! great way to add color, texture and smell without taking up valuable table space! Source

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