Saturday, August 4

Shopping Saturday!

Thanks for sticking with me through my computer issues! Hope to have either them solved or a new one by Tuesday! UGH! We have been doing yard and house work all week, so not to much shopping but... are my local finds, at National chains, that might help you stash for your next event!

Having a Magic themed party? The adorable little guys would be great decorations or favors!

Found: Ikea
Section: Baby/Kids
Price: $7.99

Having a Movie Night or Movie Award Show party? These 4 foot film picture frames would be the perfect backdrop to any table!

Found: Ikea
Section: Frames
Price: $9.99 (I think! sorry!)

These cute, colorful frames would be great as buffet cards or a piece of mirror for a Glam/Diva/Spa party! A slice of paper and these would be great for an Art party!

Found: Ikea
Section: Frames
Price: $0.99

 These baskets can really be used for any party, but they really screamed Art or Sesame Street to me! AND they are oven safe! woot!

Found: Christmas Tree Shops
Section: Baskets
Price: Varies

Having a Back-to-School party? These lined word sheets would be great decorations! AND they come in fun colors too!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Paper
Price: varies

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