Tuesday, August 14

Party Tutorials! Ants Go Marching Picnic

Thank you all for your sweet emails about my Ants Go Marching Picnic (here)!  A few of you asked me how to make the leaves and cakes so here are a few tips!

Leaf Drink Toppers

The leaves were super simple!
1.  I just used white fondant powder mix and added green gel food coloring and mixed until I got the shade of green I wanted.
2.  I rolled out the fondant and cut with a leaf cookie cutter and used the cookie cutter to press other lines in the leaves
3.  Using the straws I was going to put in, I punched a hole... note: make sure you make the hole slightly bigger, otherwise, when it dries, you won't be able to get the straw in!
4.  To give them some dimension, I wanted the tops to flare up and the bottoms to flare down.  I laid them on a cookie drying rack, let the bottoms droop down and used that same straw to hold the tops up!
5. Let them dry and ta-da! You could do any shape, any size for any party!

Ant Hill Cake

 I thought it would be so silly fun to make an ant hill cake!!!  Did you know you can bake in your metal baking bowls?!

Nothing to it!
1.  Prepare 2 cake mixes (confession: I cheated and used box mix)
2. Prepare icing - any will do, I used a royal icing so that you could still see some of the dark cake coming through
3. Put graham crackers in the food processor and grind very fine
4. Fill a larger and smaller metal mixing bowl with the batter and bake!
5. After it has cooled, you'll notice you have perfect flat spots on the top from the way the bowl is, you can dig this part out just a little to give a ant hill "entry"!
6. Icing the cakes and coat with the graham cracker crumbs!

 I hope I have inspired you to think outside the box!

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