Thursday, August 16

Sunflower Party Ideas and Inspiration!

We were shopping local farm markets today and they had the most beautiful, perfect sunflowers! So today's post is completely inspired by the local farmers! 

Ok, no bowing out of this one my less-then-crafty Frosted Family! Just icing up some yellow, orange and cream cupcakes (yes, they can be from a box mix!) and arrange as shown... stem of a sunflower makes it come alive! Source and tutorial

Folded paper fans with a black pom-pom center make for adorable, inexpensive sunflowers! How fun would it be to use the book pages as shown for a Sunflower Summer Book party! Source

How clever would it be to use those plastic bins you can get at the craft store to make invites with the center filled with sunflower seeds?!? Source

These are SUPER simple, pinky swear! Use yellow fondant and daisy cutter (on baking aisle of any craft store).  Add a little dab of frosting gel in the middle and dip in chocolate jimmies, ta-da! (you can even put them on store bought cupcakes!) Source and full tutorial

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