Friday, September 7

Brunch ideas: Grandparents Day 9/9

If you are fortunate enough to have grandparents still around, wouldn't it be fun to host a Grandparent's Day brunch this Sunday? (p.s. any excuse for brunch, I'll take!)

 Here are some yummy ways to Frost your brunch. Don't forget about this older, but still fresh!, Frosting for brunches here (link).

Serve up a DIY fruit and yogurt station! Kids and grown-ups a like will have fun making their own bowl full! p.s. permission to steal fruit to put in your mimosas too ;o)  Source

How fun would it be to display donuts on a fancy paper towel holder?! If you are lucky like me... you have a farm close that makes fresh apple cider donuts - hello fall!!! Source

Granola (or whatever your coating of choice) bananas on a stick! Such a great idea to serve up bananas without feeling like you need to eat an entire banana (you need to have room for all the other goodies!!!)  Source and recipe

You KNOW how I love a store bought cheat! Cinnamon rolls in a can, baked in cake ball pan... instant show-off! Source and tutorial

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