Wednesday, September 5

Craft/Sewing Party Ideas and Inspiration

Working on redoing my craft room is making me dream of a craft/sewing party! How fun would it be to have everyone over for a night of crafts, food and drinks?! If only more of my friends crafted lol...

Here are some ideas to Frost your Sewing party... don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a craft/sewing party here (link).

For a clever invite... wrap up information in a ball of yarn with a tag of "pull me" or "unravel me"!
 How many fun ideas can you pick from this setup?! Dress manikins, embroidery hoops, tape measures.... lots to get you in the crafting mood! Source

You can also use embroidery hoops around your vases as centerpieces! Source

How stinkin' clever are these?! "Cross-stitched" cookies! p.s. am I the only one crushing on the idea of making these into Christmas tree ornaments?! It's Sept, I am allowed to think of Christmas, right?! ;o)   Source

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  1. Um...confession...we were flipping the other night and we watched (GASP) Honey Boo Boo. You are so a car accident, I tried hard but had to look. And, it was the episode when she showed her "forklift foot". Enough said.

  2. PS - I adore that sewing room...back to business ;)


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