Thursday, September 13

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas and Inspiration

Hope everyone has been having a great Fall week like we have! Feels so great to have the windows open and enjoy a cup of cocoa in the chill of the evenings!

Do you guys love the new trend of gender reveal showers? I think it is super fun for people to find out the gender, but I can't keep a secret to save my life! If you are planning one... here are some ways to Frost your event!

Gender Reveal parties can be a lot of themes, but for today's post we'll stick with the blue/pink direction.  You can hang banners of baby clothes, pendants, etc that are blue and pink.  Food and decorations can also be blue & pink, but remember to include prints, different textures and patterns to ensure the theme isn't too "flat"  Source

Gender voting is a must! Whether you do must chalk, bow ties and bows, etc, have your guests try and guess! That's the whole point of the theme! Source

SUPER simple & genius idea ANYbody can pull off... color in Hershey bars with sharpie! A stack of "She" and a stack of "He"! Source

A fun way to spill the beans... question mark cupcakes that on the count of 3 you break open and reveal the baby's gender! Source

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