Wednesday, September 12

Hello Kitty Party Ideas and Inspiration

Today's inspiration is for Frosting a Hello Kitty party!

 Hello Kitty lets you play with such fun, kid friendly colors and patterns... I love the polka dot backdrop and even the pops of nature! Source
 White balloons can easily be turned into the iconic Hello Kitty! (as long as you can find helium ;o)  Source

Transform brown boxes into Hello Kitty! These would be great for prepacked lunches to hand out! Source

A fun project that would be great as place cards... hard boiled eggs! Source

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  1. Such CUTE ideas! I love Hello Kitty and although I'm WAY past the age of being a little girl, I keep telling my friends Hello Kitty's going to be my birthday theme one of these years. They love the idea :)

  2. what are the little floweres made out of?

  3. what are the flowers made out of?

    1. Which flowers are you inquiring about?

      hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  4. LOVE HK! Where'd you get the flowers for HK eggs? And the white choc that a mold?
    Thanks for sharing this - it's sooo adorable!

    1. I am not sure where she got them - I would look in craft stores in the scrapbook embellishment aisles. And I don't think the pops are molds, think she hand formed them.

      Kim @ Party Frosting!

  5. All the links I looked at for this, for a friend of mine, didn't show any glad I've got my own creative mind.....shame there's no directions for any of these


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