Wednesday, September 26

Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

Before the nights fall on too cold, why not pull out the quilts and have an Outdoor Movie Night gathering?! Super inexpensive, not fancy and tons of fun!

Pull together all the quilts, blankets, pillows and chairs you  can find - or says BYOB (own blanket! heehee).  Nothing has to be fancy or matching, it's all in comfort and fun! Source

If you do want to get a little fancy... you can make these letters out of cardboard! How fun to greet your guests! Source and tutorial

Set up a fun station of drinks, popcorn and candy... I love this vintage example! Source

Make edible chocolate tickets for your favors! Source   (buy mold here)

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  1. Very nice! I love the BYOBlanket!

  2. How fun! I love an outdoor movie night - especially at the end of Summer to celebrate! The 50 degree weather here now....not so much!

  3. The movie sign is fantastic! It seems hard to without looking at the tutorial. It is an added fun to do it with the kids who will be the main guests for outdoor movie night!


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