Monday, September 24

Dessert Bar: Apples

We are SOOO loving our Fall days here! I hope we get a long Fall! Especially would be nice not have to the heating bill kick in too fast!

When you think Fall, you have to think apples! At your next event's dessert bar, ensure to include apples! Here's a few ideas to Frost yours!

Candy apple dipping station?! Hello?! GENIUS! Just think of the possibilities of dips and toppings! Source

Set up the toppings bar with lots of fun choices... sprinkles to nuts to chocolate chips...and throw some fun curve balls like pretzels and chips for that sweet/salty approach! Source

Make sure to serve up some apple cider! ...don't forget to decorate with apples too!

Speaking of decorating with the apples... how fantastic is this simple idea of topping each cider cup with an apple? Takes the ordinary into festive! Source

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