Tuesday, September 4

Party Desserts: Happy Extra Dessert Day!!!

What the!?! Who knew and never told me!!! Today is Extra Dessert Day, a.k.a. Hello Heaven day! heehee... in celebration here are some party dessert inspirations... p.s. if you normally eat two, you can have THREE today because it isn't 2 serving day, it's an EXTRA dessert day ;o)

Are you drooling like that drizzle is?! Frozen banana split bites! Source and recipe

Espresso creme brulee anyone?! Yes please! p.s. I love the little rustic touches on this one! Source and recipe

Mudslide and Brownie Trifle
These are tiny... 5 or 6 wouldn't hurt ;o) .... Mudslide and brownie trifle.  Hint: if you don't want to bake, buy a few store bought cakes, puddings, peanut butter or fillings and serve up in mini glasses... just don't forget to ditch the evidence before the guests arrive! If you don't want to cheat: Source and recipe

 ...and if you know me, you know chocolate cake is my weakness, so I have to leave you on that note! These high hats look worthy of at least 2... or 3 ;o)  Source and recipe

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