Wednesday, September 19

Pirate party! For National Talk like a Pirate Day!

First, I realize why I have such baby on the brain (hence all the baby shower posts) - a great friend of mine just broke the news to me today! WOOT!!! I am so stinkin' excited and happy! I digress...

Did you know it's National Talk like a Pirate Day?! ...where do they come up with all these holidays?! Anyway, far be it from me to not leverage it for today's inspiration!

How fun would it be to turn your party table into a pirate ship!? Talk about focal point! A few dowels, fabric and some imagination... Source

Every pirate needs a spyglass! These are super simple to make and you could even do an art project and have the kids decorate them! Source and tutorial

Dipped marshmallows become yummy pirates! I love the display of them too! Don't be scared to use unconventional items around the house in your displays! Source

Create treasure maps on fondant for brownie or cupcake toppers.  When you do special decorations, just do every few, don't feel like you have to make everyone a topper - no one will eat it anyway - trust! Source

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