Thursday, September 20

Pumpkin Carving Party

I feel like I am forcing myself not to post Halloween yet... so Pumpkin Carving is safe, right?! I am so loving my cold Fall evenings and mornings!

Hosting a pumpkin carving party would be a great way to get everyone over to spend some quality girl time without a lot of expense... except all the wine, of course ;o)

Just because you don't need a lot of supplies, doesn't mean they can't look stylish! Serve up spoons, carving knives and mugs for cider on a tray.  Use mason jars, fall colored napkins and fall touches like leaves or apples.  Source

You could set up a craft station, too, for those that would rather decorate then carve... include items to decoupage like leaves, have paints, gemstones, tacks, etc.  For a party idea, have each person bring an embellishment for everyone to dig into.  Source

Frost your party entrance with a big chalkboard WELCOME! with plenty of different color and shaped pumpkins! You could even make it a "pumpkin adoption station" so everyone can pick one to decorate! Source

Besides serving up a buffet full of pumpkin indulgences, you could send your guests home with their pumpkins AND fresh pumpkin butter! You could also do a small burlap pouch of pumpkin seeds! Source: Stonewall Kitchen

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