Tuesday, October 9

Halloween Party Inspiration continued! Dark & Spooky

It's so cold here! I am starting to think about Christmas, but I am holding myself back because there are a few celebrations in between we need to focus on! So that being said... let's talk Halloween!

Are you having a sweet or spooky Halloween at your house? If you are going dark and spooky...here are some ways to Frost your night!

I am so in love with this dinner setup! I think the vintage window decorated in the back really got me sold! Such a fun and clever way to decorate! Also, it allows you to keep the rest of the decor simple, black and some candles really finishes it off clean and fast without a lot of investment.  Source

 Set up a "Pick Your Poison" station! Chalkboard, plastic cauldron and a few adult options is all you need! Source
Use silicone molds to create skulls to serve up in glass jars! Source and purchase

 For dessert... make "poison" cookies! Simple food gel and stamps can make your possibilities endless for any party.  AND it's super simple for anyone, even those a little scared of decorating! Source and tutorial

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