Sunday, October 21

Happy Bday to Me!

Those that know me know that I am all about bdays! I want at least a bday week, if not a month heehee... Weather has been beautiful this weekend and even though I am a bit under the weather I have had a great time shopping, eating, watching movies, etc in celebration!

As a specialty blogger, you don't spend much time revealing yourself... so I figured since it's my bday, for those interested, here's some deets on me! Feel free to ask questions, too!

First, chocolate cake makes any day a better day... 

By day... (this is a REALLY old phone pic, but only work one I have)   

  •  I have been an Information Technology Project Manager for the past ~15 years - basically plan and oversee technology rollouts
  • I switched from a close State job to a hour each way commute to corp life last July - this took A LOT of my free time away and impacts my ability to really put what I want into the blog and other projects

By night...

  •  A wife (almost 1 year!) to Damian and a stepmom to Douglas, an awesome 10 year old that unfortunately lives WAY in TX! We are in DE so we only get to see him a few times a year.
  • Born and raised in DE - been here all my life, though we love to travel.
  • I am obsessed with party planning, baking, crafting of any kind...
  • That is how I started Party Frosting - needed a better way to keep my thoughts about different themes (way before Pinterest!) 
  • I am SUPER handy, too - I finished my basement, installed flooring and tiling, built a retaining wall, etc - with my own 2 hands! I am woman hear me roar!

So Happy Birthday to Me! to see what kind of cake my hubby is gonna make ;o)

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  1. Happy birthday! My birthday is in October too, the 8th. Sorry you have not felt well especially for your birthday. I also try to squeeze every once of celebration out of my birthday as possible. The best is when it falls in the middle or the week and I can get two weeks out of it! Have a great day!

    1. Happy belated bday! and agree, get as much special out of your bday as possible!!

      Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. Woo Hoo!! Happy Birthday! I agree, celebrate ALL month, I do :) It's the best. Wow. you are super handy. Great for you. Thanks for sharing some deets and HAPPY BIRTH-month ;)

  3. Happy birthday!!! Hugs and looooove!!!

  4. Happy birthday girl. I love birthdays too. Really, any reason to throw a party is good for me.

  5. I'm late but I hope you had a very Happy Birthday my friend! I love that wedding photo - beautiful!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great celebration. Beautiful photos, by the way.

  7. Just saw the post today (A little behind on my reading!) Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was amazing!


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