Thursday, October 18

Monster Bash/Party Ideas and Inspirtion

Can't believe how close we are to Halloween! (and my bday - 21st heehee). If you are still looking for a kid friendly theme, why not do something silly and not scary - funny Monsters! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a Monster party (here).

Ways to Frost your Monster bash!

Great your guests with a fun Monster door! Source

BEST Monster party activity EVA! Create chocolate monster "parts" and fun colored cupcakes and let the kids make their own monster cupcake! Source and tutorial

THE perfect cake pop stand for the Monster party! Can't you picture how fun it would be for the kids to pluck off an eye ball and eat it! lol All you need is some stryofoam a feather boa and some imagination!  Source

How fun are these monster sticks?! You can even cheat an by premade dough and eye balls at most Targets, WalMarts, etc.  Source and tutorial 

Lastly... I love these little guys! (and all the work she does!)  They are mini monster cheese balls! Just save a few eyes from your project above! Source and tutorial

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