Friday, November 9

Fall/Thanksgiving Desserts

It's finally warming back up towards Fall weather here! I don't know about you, but I am in full Thanksgiving dreaming mode! What desserts are you going to make? Have a yearly tradition?

Here are a few desserts that might inspire you for your Fall or Thanksgiving event!

How clever are these?! Sweet potato casserole bites! Great bite- sized dessert to leave room for even more! Source and recipe

Mini chocolate mousses would be an excellent choice too! Could even substitute a more seasonal flavor like pumpkin or caramel! Source and recipe

Pumpkin brownies made in muffin tins give a clean, easy single serve method! Source and recipe

My hubby hates bread pudding (you are asking how could I marry him then, right?! lol) I LOVE LOVE bread pudding! This gingerbread eggnog bread pudding sounds like it would be a crowd impresser!  Source and recipe

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  1. My hubby hates bread pudding too! What is wrong with them?? It's my favorite :).

  2. My mom makes pumpkin pie, my aunt berry and I make peanut butter chocolates for everyone to take home.

  3. I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading. My husband hates bread pudding too! It's got to be a male thing. This recipe I've got to try - all my favorite flavors - more for me!!!


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