Wednesday, November 7

Western Cowboy/Cowgirl Party Ideas and Inspiration

Omg it's going to snow!!! This is not ok! I am very nervous - I am not ready for this!

To get my mind off, let's dream about a Western party! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a Western party here (link)

How cute and festive is this setup?! I love the backdrop of the old town and the name written in a rope lasso! Source

Setup a photo "wanted" station and the kids can take the photos home as a favor! They used just a simple piece of plywood as the backdrop - can't get easier than that! Source

If you don't want to do the printed photos - set up a fun photo station with wanted signs and fun props like mustaches and hats! Source

Dipped marshmallows in mini pots become fun, edible cactus! Source

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  1. Oh my! I Ned to have another little boy just so I can do a western party! No I'm not pregnant and yes I already have three children. The name in. Rope would also be cute in a bedroom, with the silouette of the town running around the bottom of the wall and little reward posters all over the cute! Almost cute enough to have another one, almost!


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