Thursday, November 29

Winter party ideas: cranberries

I hope you don't mind, I am still stuck on Winter this week! We just came up with a date for our "winter feast" for work so I have been asked to help with that - so much fun!

Today's inspiration is incorporating cranberries!

What a beautiful and delicious favor these Cranberry Lime Vodkas would be! This could be a fun hostess gift too!  Source and recipe

These cranberry "wreaths" would be the perfect Frosted touch to any bottle or serving container! You could even use them for napkin rings! Source

Turn even a store bought cake into something beautiful with adding cranberries! You can even sugar them first for a Frosted look! Source unknown :o(

If you are feeling a bit more ambitious.. use toothpicks or hot glue on styrofoam balls to create stunning cranberry centerpieces! Source

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