Saturday, December 1


So I have been hinting out life being a bit crazy the past few months... well.... I am 15 weeks pregnant with our first child! WOOT!!!!

I have to say I am over-the-moon excited, but this has been a VERY VERY hard few months! I know each person's pregnancy is different - so far, mine blows! I am miserable, blessed, but miserable.  It has taken every ounce of my will just to live lol - so fun things like shopping, blogging or just vegging on the internet has taken a huge back seat to curled up on the couch, willing myself to live another day.  As the weeks progress, I am feeling a little better, but still having major problems at night.  In the end, I know this is so worth it and I feel so lucky to be able to bring a baby into this world - so for now, it's just day by day for another 176 days (it's like cooking in an easy bake oven in there! - forever!) So thank you all for sticking with my blog - I promise to get back to the way things used to be!  I will keep you posted here and there - but promise not to make this into a baby journal blog ;o)   ...meanwhile, you know I am already planning the "sip and see" party! hugs!!!

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