Monday, January 28

More Valentine's Day ideas and inspiration!

Happy Monday! We woke up to snow again! EW! Luckily our boss rocks and we could work from home today - woot! I didn't get much done (again) this weekend, but a few things tackled towards the nursery - I feel like he'll be here before we know it!

If you are still planning for your Valentine's Day celebration, maybe these will help inspire you!

How awesome are these pushpops?! (stash for a monster theme, too).  With little sayings like "I've got my eye on you" you can't go wrong with these little guys! Source and tutorial.  Pushup pops (here)

Perfect favors! Edible xoxo that you can play tick-tack-toe with if you can resist eating them first! Source and download

Super fun idea! Take the download from here (link) and make love bug favor bags! Source and tutorial


Looking for a simple and fast touch? Little hearts glued on twine make any homemade (or store bought ;o) gift even sweeter! Source

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