Sunday, January 6

Sponsor/Ad spots available!

Party Frosting usually ranges about 20k to up to 40k visitors A DAY! That's A LOT of people that could see your ad! I believe in keeping ad rates super inexpensive compared to similar blogs so that even the smallest blog/shop can get exposure! Drop me an email if you are interested in a 125x125 ad spot over there on the right.  Don't have an ad? I am not a design expert, but I can certainly help!  you can find me at kim.partyfrosting at gmail dot com

There's another way you can support Party Frosting - shop Amazon from this page! There is an ad banner over there to the right (or below) if you click on it and shop, Party Frosting will get a teeny teeny piece of the amazon pie! - but hey, diapers and formula are expensive! Every penny helps!

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