Thursday, April 4

Owl party ideas and inspiration

I am trying to keep my head in the party scene, but these have been some of the most painful days of my life - my hip is so bad, walking, sitting or laying (so everything) causes me to cry out in pain. I am getting excited about the little guy's arrival, but 6 weeks feels like forever right now! Pray that my visit to the acupuncturist tomorrow brings some relief.

Meanwhile... I am getting excited about my baby shower (hosted by my stepmom - how nice!) coming next week! Word has it there will be lots of owls! (the nursery theme is modern woodland). So to focus on the positive, let's peep some inspiration for owls!

I love straw decor! It's a little touch that goes a long way! These owl straw guys are even have a place to put a name to keep track of glasses! Source and tutorial

For favors, you could make these fun owls using standard pillow boxes! Source and tutorial 

If you are feeling crafty advanced... these little guys will surely steal the show! I could just hug them! Source

If fondant scares you... maybe try your hand at these clay owl?! It would be a fun painting activity too! Source and tutorial

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