Thursday, April 25

Party Appetizers! - battered and fried!

Hope everyone is welcoming the Spring weather in! I know it's been beautiful here, though some of the nights are still pretty wintery! We hope to finally do our veggie soon since my hip is feeling better and I hopefully am through a blinding toothache this week! ...26 days to the little guy is here!!!

I haven't done a good appetizer post in a long time! Don't forget about these older, but still fresh!, ideas for appetizers here (link)

Beer battered asparagus! ...I bet you could convert a lot of non-asparagus fans this way! With a little sprinkle of cheese, these would look so beautiful on a rustic buffet! Source and recipe

Beer battered mini corn dogs with chipolte ketchup! Served like this, they def don't look like carnival food! Source and recipe

Kick your corn dogs up with bacon! These would look great served in newspaper in metal containers for a more "masculine" theme! Source and recipe

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