Tuesday, April 30

Mother's Day Brunch

Still counting down the days till the little guy is here! 21!!! This time, 3 Tuesdays from now I'll be holding him! Meanwhile, we are trying to focus on getting the house and baby stuff ready and I am trying to nap when I can; sleep isn't coming easy! And found out tonight my poor little nephew broke his arm and karate :( guess this is a window into having a little boy!

So with my little one on the way, this year's Mother's Day feels extra special! One great idea to celebrate Mom's in your life is to hold a brunch! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a Mother's Day brunch here (link)

A board with dowels make even purchased donuts look amazing! Don't stress yourself with making everything from scratch, pick a few things to make and purchase the rest! Source and tutorial

A fun take on "cake pops"...cinnamon roll cake pops!  Source and tutorial

You could tackle homemade donut bites, but even store bought munchins/donut holes would look adorable served up like this! Source  (wrappers here - link) (recipe in book here p.s. I have a copy it's great! -link)

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