Monday, May 6


Hey everyone! Things are a bit hectic around here! Trying to get things ready for the little guy! And lots of painful days.... but...morning of the 15th day from now, I'll be welcoming him! Thanks for bearing with my dwindling blog posts - I promise to be back in full speed soon - I will have the summer off, so even with a little one, I'll be able to reconnect with party life!

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  1. Best wishes for a smooth delivery! :)

  2. Sooooo close!!!

    I might be joining the c-club... baby decided to go breech in the last 5 days. If it doesn't flip by the 20th I might request a C-section for the next day so they can be birthday twins ;o)

  3. Happy birthday baby! So sweet. I am so happy for you and I can't wait to hear how everything went and see pictures, of course! :)


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