Monday, June 10

Fairy Party ideas and inspiration

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Baby Elias (almost 3 weeks old now!) is entering a growth spurt and has been up every 2 hours for feedings so our weekend was a bit of a tired blur ;o) but I can't complain because after 3 weeks, if that's the worst nights we've had, then so be it! that I am back blogging, want to get back to all kinds of parties - so here is some more inspiration for a Fairy themed party.  Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a Fairy party here (link

Fairy parties are so much fun because you can integrate so much of the outdoors to create a fun setup! Grab a basket and go out back and collect tons of (free) nature to integrate into your spread! Nestle in your treats for a beautiful setup.  Source

 Use tarps, drop cloths, dollar store shower curtains etc to cut out and decorate "mushrooms" to designate play areas.  Not only are they fun, but they help decorate the party space without much investment.  Source

Create a little jar of "fairy dust"! You can use any little vials (like this - link) and can add a chain for the guests to wear as necklaces! Source

For a great snack, make these apple and marshmallow "mushrooms"! Source and tutorial

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