Wednesday, June 12

Strawberry party ideas and inspiration

I love when strawberries are in season! Though I had to admit, the ones I picked up at Walmart went bad after just 3 days this week and I was not a happy camper! Here are some ideas to inspire you for a Strawberry picking theme or Strawberry Shortcake theme!  Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for strawberries here (link) and here (link)

Create fun little baskets for placecards/favors that have a felt strawberry and coordinating ribbons! Source

Strawberry bites - super cute served up in a little basket! Source and tutorial

Form your cake pops into strawberries! Source

Use a strawberry cookie cutter (like this one - link) to create dipped strawberry cookies! Just do the red part first, let dry then apply white or brown icing after as the "dipped" part! Source

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  1. Those dipped cookies are cute! WAlmart! What are you doing buying strawberries in a grocery store. I always buy them at FArmers MArket when they're in season, so fresh. mmm

  2. YUM! Our farm just opened for Pick Your Own today! Now if the rain would just stop and, judging by the FB comment you posted today - I think you deserve one of each of those treats for your rough night with the little man! Yes, you'll have those but still, amazingly beautiful baby boys make you forget the sleep deprivation! :)


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