Monday, June 3

I'm back! ....let's get our party back on with an Ant Picnic!

Quick update... Thank you all for your well wishes as my little guy, Elias, turns 2 weeks tomorrow! I am so glad I took the time to not focus on anything buy my new family, it has been such a blessing and dream come true.  My recovery (c-section) is going well and I am feeling up to being back in the party world! Thank you all for supporting me while I had a hard pregnancy! many hugs!
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Back to the party life! With the weather getting very warm it's the perfect time of year to hold a picnic party! Here are some ideas to Frost your Ant Picnic theme!

Set up a fun station complete with ant hill cake, jello "puddles" and leaf-topped drinks! Source and tutorial

These cookies would be awesome additions! Source and tutorial

Use fun patterns and cutout ants & watermelons on sticks for props... Source

Send your guests home with a treat in a fun ant themed favor bag! Round circles and googly eyes make this approachable for any level of crafter!
Source unknown :o(

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  1. Welcome back!!!!! Perfect ideas for summer!

  2. Such cute ideas as always. Wow! has it been 2 weeks already. Your little guy is so cute. Glad to see you back :)

  3. Wow, you had a baby only 2 weeks ago and back to blogging ... I am impressed! Congratulations :) Ants and picnics ... perfect together, since they are cute, not real, ants!


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