Friday, June 7

National Doughnut Day!

Happy National Doughnut Day! Today we will be having a special cheesecake for my hubby's bday - but I would have been perfectly fine with a box of doughnuts! Here are a few ways to serve them up at your next event!

Use styrofoam tree cones (you can wrap in plastic wrap to keep food safe) and toothpicks to great a fun and yummy donut hole tree! Source

Doughnuts are amazing on their own... but why not indulge your guests with a doughnut dunking station! Source

Create a dowel/board donut display! You could also use a paper towel holder if you worried to take on a DIY project.  Source

Serve up even store bought doughnut holes in pretty wrappings.  Not only will they look great, but they'll be super easy for your guests to grab and munch on! Source and recipe

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  1. A donut DUNKING station? I can hardly stand it - pretty cute! Hope you and your own new little donut (aka the baby) are doing well :)

  2. Got my donut on today. One of our bosses had 6 dozen in her office to share :)


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