Thursday, July 18

Fishing themed party ideas and inspiration!

We did our first long outting with the baby... 8 hours and it went GREAT! woot! Best of all this mamma got her hair done! Feel soooo much better! Now if it would just cool off!

This time last year we were fishing (catch/release) almost every morning... this summer would be totally off limits! It's over a 100 here today! It would be fun to have a Fishing theme party, as long as it was indoors ;o)

Look around at what you have for fishing gear and use as decorations/props  Make "fishing tackle" favor bags and find fun names for your food/snacks! Also, if you look in the back... fun sardine cookies! Source

This is a card that would be a great invite, but why not make kid sized ones from brown bags and let the kids decorate their own fishing vests?! Source and tutorial

Label your water fun names too! "Salt Water" for blue punch and "Brackish Water" for your ice tea! Source

Serve up a bowl of "Rainbow Trout"!

Totally gross but the boys will love it... jello worms made in bendy straws! Source and tutorial

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