Tuesday, July 16

Steampunk party ideas and inspiration

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Still struggling with decent schedule with the little guy! Though he is only almost 8 weeks old, I have been having fun thinking about his toddler room lol! (I have a toddler room board on Pinterest - link).  We would like to do a steampunk robot theme! So that is inspiring today's party inspiration! Did your kid's room inspire a party at your house?

Dirigibles are iconic in steampunk - create some for your decor with balloons, ribbon and some craft paper! A fun activity would be to have the kids decorate them and take them home! Source

Setup a fun photo booth with traditional steampunk accessories like goggles (get here - link), top hats (get here - link) and guns (get here - link)! Source

A big part of steampunk is gears...so incorporate them in many ways within your decor.  One idea is to make gear cookies! Simple enough to ice for even the most inexperienced! p.s. to get the outline, after cookie is dry, pipe icing where you want to edge, then dip or sprinkle colored sugar on).  Source and tutorial

For the more adventurous... this steampunk top hat is made from a tootsie roll!!! Definitely will impress the guests! Source and tutorial

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